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Bake Me Away

Here’s one for the bakers among the makers.

Or the makers who love a baker!

I think most of us have fond memories of baking. Whether our moms, grandmothers or other loved ones who filled our childhoods with a variety of sweet and savory treats straight from the oven.

I remember rolling biscuit dough with my Gramma, cutting them out with coffee cups, standing on a dining chair because I wasn’t tall enough to reach.

I think about it often, and I get so excited when our kids want me to bake something with them. I could bake every day if only I had enough people to share that love with!

Maybe you want to make something sweet, but not downright romantic, for someone you love on the upcoming holiday. This cute cuttable is well suited to aprons, wall art and more. I hope you like it <3

If you’re making your mom an apron, or any other personal projects and gifts, the free download below is all you need to get started. If you’ll be paid for your efforts, or make something to otherwise promote your work or business, you can get a commercial license at EchoiaDesign on Etsy.