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April Showers May with Flowers

I’m so excited!

Without some context, ya’ll, you can’t really appreciate my enthusiasm for this freebie.

I’ve been working on this design for two years.

You read that right. Two YEARS!

Can you believe that?

I started on it way back in 2017 on my desktop computer. Fonts just didn’t do it justice, though, and I didn’t have enough experience with my Wacom tablet to bring it to life. I’d revisit it from time to time- pen input combined with fonts, trying to get it right, but it just wasn’t there. And for me, this one mattered.

When I started hand-lettering back in early 2018 on my Surface Pro this was one of the first things I tried my hand at- but once again it was a no-go. I decided the best way was to put it on the back burner and practice practice practice until it came out naturally.

Now, finally, it’s here 💕 and I’m so glad I waited and did not force it. This little saying, which I so loved as a little girl, now takes its rightful place among my favorite of my lettering designs.

I hope you love it as much as I do and have fun creating something with it.

Happy Spring, crafty friends!