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Aloha Summer

Happy Summer, Silhouetters!

I have been gone. Whew! 2020 has been a rollercoaster, right? In our home it was going along alright, we were getting through all the normal things the best we could and looking forward to future plans. Then in February our household grew by two members (not twins, it’s a long story and not mine to tell, so sorry!), we remodeled a large portion of our home, corona happened to everything everywhere, our sweet dog passed away and on and on and on with the change.

Going unexpectedly into having four children at home 24/7 required major shifts and adjustments. Not only are they wildly different ages with different interests, we couldn’t even do basic sanity-savers like go to the park.

It’s hard.

And… boring. I miss crafting. I miss creating. I miss not being the gatekeeper of all snacks in the universe.

All we can do is adjust, though. Look forward to the things we can look forward to.

What are you guys looking forward to this summer?

Usually the water is my summer thing, but I don’t know how comfortable I’m going to feel at public pools any time soon. Hopefully we can find some nice open water that won’t intimidate me <3 Whatever you’re looking forward to, I hope you’re getting through this strange time without too much fear and stress.

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