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About SCF began on a whim in 2015. I was a new Silhouetter who wanted to share my experiences (and files!) with others who were learning the ropes. I bought the domain name, set up a facebook page and before I knew it people were showing up! I didn’t expect people to just come find me, but they did and it was amazing!

It is a side project of, where I originally began sharing free design files.

Needing somewhere real to host freebies, I did a soft-launch of SCF’s website. I didn’t link to it from any of my other sites, but it was here for those who were looking for it! In December of 2016, over a year after the project first began, I sat down to try yet again to create a working design for it and it just flew out of me. I knew from the ease I found the design to be that it would finally be fully launched soon.

To be clear: is not affiliated with Silhouette America, Inc in any way! We are just a fan site. We do not sell files and only share our own original files.

Our files are distributed for personal use only unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Under the Hood

SilhouetteCameoFreebies is designed and maintained by me, Echo S. It is a part of

It is hosted by and was purchased through I’ve been hosting my sites there for years now and I’m very happy with the value! They have plans for people who just want to put together a site by pointing and clicking, and they have packages for power-users, too!

It runs on WordPress. I created the theme myself, but WordPress is another great option for anyone from beginner to expert. There are themes for free use all over the internet and the user-end support is unmatched. I don’t get paid for saying that ; )

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