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We Whisk You A Merry Christmas

Hey, Silhouetters!

Welcome back for another week of Christmas creations <3

I hope you are all whisked up in holiday cheer!


This is one of my favorite cute Christmas sayings. I think one of the reasons I like it so much is that it represents doers doing, makers making- bakers baking! If you look at it closely it’s a representation of giving what you can, and appreciating what you receive. When your neighborhood grandma passes out plates of homemade cookies with her handwritten winter wishes, that gesture comes from such a place of caring and love. We have different love languages- some of us even give and receive love in different ways. A person may show love by buying lavish gifts while receive love more readily from a warm embrace.

Learning to accept and recognize all the ways people share their love brings joy to our own hearts!

If you’re that neighborhood grandma, passing out gifts, you’re why I created Silhouette Cameo Freebies. All you need is the free download below to get making. If you’re running a business, even just being paid ‘for your time’, you’ll need to visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy to purchase a commercial license.