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Boo Jack O Lantern Silhouette Cameo Freebie

Boo Jack O Lantern

I was trying to come up with a cute idea for a jack o lantern this year- something different than the usual fails I subject our poor children to, when I came up with this idea! I love banners, but I'm not afraid to admit I probably can't carve this into a real pumpkin -_- That's ok, though, because I have vector to work in <3 And vector? Well vector I can carve anything from! (maybe not quite anything, but if you've seen my portfolio (echoia.com) you can see I'm quite comfortable with it). Unless and until I invest in some kind of super-powered pumpkin carving kit, I can get creative with Silhouette designs instead. And if you'd like something more traditional in the way of...

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Cute Ghost with Boo Banner

How cute is this little guy?! Omg. I'm lucky enough to 'work' from bed most days, but my son and I were both having a bed-ridden sick day, perched on piles of pillows and watching YouTube when I grabbed Circuit Breaker (that's what I call my Surface Pro*, it's a long story) and sketched up this little guy in Adobe Illustrator with my Surface Pen*. Aside from taking care of all 3 kids (so much driving!), cooking, cleaning, caring for the dog and running errands, this is pretty much all I accomplished that day. I was pretty sick! I was cheered up by the crooked smile and the wonky eyes staring back at me, though. I kind of felt like despite how we felt that...

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Happy Halloween Jack O Lantern

It's almost here!! With a 9 year old who loves to Trick-or-Treat, I kind of miss out on decorating the outside of our home. I spend the evening out haunting strangers, begging for their candy- I don't want to mislead other trick or treaters into waiting at our front door for candy that isn't coming. I do look forward to one day passing out candy again. It's fun! In the mean time, I get some of my celebrating in by creating fun, festive files. Then, I satisfy the need to pass out candy by sharing those files here with you, for free! Not a bad alternative, really. I hope you guys enjoy the files as much as I enjoy making them. All downloads at SilhouetteCameoFreebies.com...

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Hello Halloween Witch

Well hello, Halloween! Today's freebie is a different style than Hello Halloween Crow (be sure to grab it, too!), this one being oriented a little more toward the kiddos. It also has a sister-file, Witching Out. Like those files, it features my own graphics (as always!) and my handwriting for that personal touch. All downloads at SilhouetteCameoFreebies.com are free for your personal use. If you would like to sell items using my designs, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy for licenses. To purchase this file directly, visit Hello Halloween. Download: HelloHalloweenWitch.zip

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Birthday Girl and Cupcake Cuttable

It's my birthday! I love birthdays, though my own is one of my least favorites. Not because of aging (I don't let that be a thing for me!), but because the attention is all on me, and I like to give it out rather than rake it in ; )  That makes CAKE one of my favorite parts of my birthdays- because I can share it with everyone! Since I can't serve you all up a slice of cake, I'll share a new free cut file complete with a so-sweet cupcake. I'd also like to wish my baby sister a beautiful birthday, since it's her day, too <3 Love you, Ree! If you'd like to sell anything with this design on it, please purchase a...

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Birthday Boy

Halloween files will resume shortly, but today is a very special day! Today is my only child's 9th birthday. His last single-digit birthday. The last year before he becomes a 'tenager'. If I had emojis set up on my blog, this post would be full of sobbing ones! Haha! Instead I'm honoring this special day and inviting all of you to come in and be part of it, and I'm gifting you with a new freebie so we can all celebrate together! This file has a sister file (or a brother file?) available at EchoiaDesign on Etsy. To see it directly visit Happy Birthday. All of the files at SilhouetteCameoFreebies.com are free for your personal use. Licenses can be purchased from my Etsy shop if...

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Witching Out

Are you guys totally witching out yet? Since I started designing on my Surface Pro* I've been trying my best to learn digital calligraphy. I studied calligraphy for a time when I was a kid (around 7th grade) and really enjoyed it. Digital is different, but it's also fun. I'm staying simple for now, trying to improve my pen control (I use the official Surface Pen* from Microsoft). I know I have a long way to go still, but I love creating one-of-a-kind graphics that I can share with you! I kind of like the imperfections of such a personal touch. I've always worked as a point-editor, it's pretty cool to do something more freely and still have it come up in vector. I never...

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Let’s Beach Out

As of the morning I’m writing this, my 9 year old and I looked over the calendar to count the days until Summer Vacation officially commences. It’s 17 💕 Seventeen. Seventeen days. He’s told me what he wants to do with his Summer, and I’ll be honest- little dude is a great planner 😂 What he wants […]

Too Darn Cute

Welcome back, my freebie friends! I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was mostly low-key. Aside from Christmas, I think Silhouette sees the biggest new users hike post Mother’s Day. With that in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but make our first freebie back after the holiday a cute […]

Rainbow Vibes and Unicorn Rides

Alright, ya’ll. This one might need to go into the ‘Advanced’ folder 😬 You are one brave soul if you take this one on with HTV. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” The design isn’t all that complicated, but the idea of layering all these colors is intimidating me right now- and I designed it […]

Born to Ride

It’s fantasy freebie Friday! We recently worked together to create a Unicorn Illustration in Silhouette Studio. If you haven’t watched it yet, I do recommend giving that tutorial a view. If you don’t have the time, or are just too eager to make something cute for your grandbaby, I hear you- that’s why I’ve created […]

Let’s Mermaid

Hello, crafty friends. It’s been so fun lately to lean into my love of lettering. I’m beginning to find my style, or at least my style for now, and I’m so excited by that! As a little girl, my two Disney movies were ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’. These two still reign […]

I Choose Chocolate

By now you’re getting to know me- I can’t be sweet without at least a little sass, right? The sweetness here being just that my chocolate preference is sweet 💁🏻 I’m just kidding! I am super loving, affectionate and loyal. I’ve been creating in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for 20 years now! That’s a very long term […]

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