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Santa Belt Boxes

Merry Christmas, my friends! This has been an unintended quiet week at SCF. I have so many more designs, ideas and projects to share with all of you- but I will have to convert them into other themes before I do so. I've spent a couple of weeks living in a hotel suite, where I was able to design but not test cut projects. Now that we're back in our home it is holiday crunch time! I plan to take a couple of weeks 'off' to spend with my family over the end of 2017 and into the beginning of 2018. Part of that time will be spent in sketch books, taking in ideas and all with the hope of returning renewed and ready to...

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HoHoHo Christmas Tree

It's a Christmas tree IN a Santa hat. With a bow. Because gifts. And ho ho ho! I'm so happy to have another year to celebrate Christmas with all of you! This is only our first since the official launch of SCF, but a lot of you have stuck by me since the idea first came to me. I'm so glad to have our site fully launched this year and to see our community steadily growing. There are more Christmas files already on their way. Thank you all so much for being here! The downloads here are for personal use only, unless otherwise stated, but commercial licenses (and other format downloads) are available at EchoiaDesign on Etsy! Download: HoHoHoTree.zip

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Hello, Snow Mug

I can't tell you how many times I typed 'Hellow, Snow' while working on publishing this, saving it etc. If you come across a 'Hellow, Snow' try not to judge me too harshly, it's just a thing that happens <3 I'm typing this on December 4th, in down town Salt Lake City, Utah. I am staying in a hotel suite, and today we had our first real snow of the season! I'm so excited and completely shocked. The latest snow I recall since moving here was November 3rd. Usually we get 'something' in October- but this year, nothing more than little flurries that melt before they hit the ground. I'm so happy to finally get some snow <3 And yes, it's weird to stay in...

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Holly Jolly Coffee

This is one of my favorite designs. I popped this on a new mug as soon as it was designed. I just REALLY love it. For my own mug I did drop the travel cup from the design and scale up the 'Holly Jolly' simply because I put it on a small mug and I wanted it to cut smoothly and easily. I love it! Looking at it makes me super happy <3  I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Remember, these free .studio3 files are for personal use only <3 If you are in need of commercial licenses, or different file types, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy! Download: HollyJollyCoffee.zip

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Jingle Bells

Merrrrrr-rrryyyy Christmas! Jingle Bells is always going to be one of my favorite holiday songs. It's so easy for the kids to get into the chorus, and the verses have a nice melody that's enjoyable to sing. And now, as an adult, as is so often the case, my childhood favorites influence my design work. I hope you guys enjoy this easy freebie and find it useful <3 Thanks for supporting this project and please come again soon for more fun files! Download: JingleBells.zip

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Tis the Season

What can I say? I love understated holiday designs. And overstated holiday designs. And CHRISTMAS! But more understated designs are more versatile, because I'm comfortable incorporating them into my Thanksgiving décor and keeping them up past the new year and until it's time to put out Valentine's décor. I hope you enjoy this new freebie <3 It features two different styles of tree and some styled lines and flourishes. Thanks so much for supporting this project! SilhouetteCameoFreebies forever <3 This free .studio3 download is for personal use only. If you need a commercial license or additional file types, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy! Download: TisTheSeason.zip

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Red Christmas Tree Truck

This is a sequel to The Red Pumpkin Truck, of course! A favorite holiday season image for me, I've wanted to create my own cut file for it for quite a while. I finally got around to it, and I love it! I wanted the tree to have lights because it just adds a little more fun and festivity to the image, which can be lacking when you're layering and kind of want to keep it as easy as possible! I hope you guys like this file, and thank you so much for coming by! Don't forget we have fun new freebies on the way, so check back by often : ) Remember, the downloads at SilhouetteCameoFreebies are for personal use only unless otherwise stated....

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Hug in a Mug

Hot chocolate! Mugs! Red! Twinkle lights! It's December, and I love it <3 Do I love everything?! I wanted to say something like, 'December is one of my favorite months!' which would include October and September, then also February, maybe November... ! haha. I like being alive and experiencing everything. I love being inspired. I love it all! Thank you so much for coming to download our latest freebie, I hope you love it! Remember, these .studio3 cut files are for personal use only. If you need commercial licenses, or more file types, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy. Download: HugInAMug.zip

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Hello Summer Popsicles

Welcome back! Are we getting back in the swing of things? So smoothly? So soon!? I can hardly believe it! I gave a bit of a life update in Sunday’s post “Hello Summer Design Tutorial” and told ya’ll I’d be back soon with a free version of the cute cuttable we made together in that […]

Hello Summer Design Tutorial

Hey, guys! If you read how things were going back in February, you know I was getting clobbered- my car fell apart, my son got very sick, I got sick, money was stolen- then it all started over again! We replaced our car, but that one had a bit of an accident (I was not driving!), […]

Little Ray of Sunshine

This isn’t me. Not today. Not right now. Recently I chronicled for you the misfortune which has been my normal. Rounds of flu. Car trouble. Bank thieves. Maybe I didn’t mention the last one. But it’s out there. And just as I was sure everything would turn up roses I was clobbered with a multi-day […]

I Like to Heat Things Up

Hello, Everyone! Your friendly freezing freebie-maker is back with another new cuttable. Like many others across the country, we are getting hit with rounds of snow storms. The Keurig is running, cups are steaming, the kitten is cuddling. It isn’t as cold as it was at Christmas, but it sure looks a lot more wintery! This […]

Heart Inset Valentine Boxes

Hello, creator friends! If you’re a frequent flyer you may know that I say hi to you, give you a little insight as to my creative process, tell you about the inspiration behind my designs, and then we get on to downloading things. On occasion, however, I share a little more with you all about […]

Spring it On

Hey, Silhouette friends! I’m feeling fresh and bright and blossomy lately. I probably shouldn’t be- my house is full of germs and it is snowing heavily outside. I’ve been infected with some of the germs and don’t feel great, but despite the chill (and the chills), I know that beautiful, fresh everything is on its way soon. […]

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