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Dashing Through The Snow

As a kid, Jingle Bells was my favorite Christmas carol. It's not much surprise that the lyrics are inspiring my Silhouette designs this season! As usual, this file is a fully layered, fully editable vector design so you can change it around, recolor, scale it etc. Have fun with it and don't forget to download Jingle All The Way, too. Byeee! Download: DashingThroughTheSnow.zip

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Jingle All The Way

It's time for merriment and cheer and jingle bells! Or at least a jingle bell? In the preview for this freebie I've cut "Jingle" in half so that it's layered over top and bottom and allowing the bell to 'hang' on it. The file is uncut so that you can edit and layer it as you personally need/want- this was just my own preference : ) I hope you like it, thanks so much for visiting! Download: JingleAllTheWayBell.zip

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HoHoHo Merry Christmas

I designed this in July. July. Do you know how HOT it is in July? Do you know how very un-Christmas that heat feels? I think words like 'Ooof' and 'Uhhhnnnngggg' cover it pretty well. But the days pass, and Christmas is going  to come, and since this design was so clear in my head before I put it into vector it took like 7 minutes. It's fully scalable, and I hope you all enjoy it. Download: HoHoHoMerryChristmas.zip Remember, our free downloads are for personal use only. If you need to use them for commercial purposes (anything you sell), please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy, where all designs are currently 40% off <3  

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Warm Winter Wishes

Brrrr! It's cold! I look forward to this time every year, and yet I still shiver away. Some things can't be helped, I guess! Every year I get talked into going out for Black Friday deals and steals, while not really having anything in particular that I'm looking for. The only reason I get up for it is because it's the day I treat myself to a White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks. I usually only have that one each year, but sometimes I'll have a second around Christmas or New Year's ; ) That makes this the perfect day to wish all of you Warm Winter Wishes! I hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday tomorrow, and if you celebrate it, the happiest of...

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Santa Christmas Countdown

I love decorating and designing for the holidays. I've been really enjoying Santa-themed projects this year more than usual. And since we're all busy, we gotta get to crafting early if we're going to be ready, right? My son and I painted an 8x10 canvas panel with a lovely red of his choosing (it was called Red Apple), then cut the design from an assortment of other colors and materials (the black of the belt is chalkboard paper from the Target Bullseye's Playground). We do lots of new Christmas projects each year, and I'm so glad I get to share so many with you all this year <3 I hope you enjoy using this file, and please come back soon as we will continue to...

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Milk for Cookies

Did you grab Cookies for Santa on Monday? If you did, you'll need milk for those cookies! And if you haven't got the cookies yet, go grab 'em. The file is free ; ) Download: MilkForCookies.zip

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Cookies for Santa

There's no shame in my Christmas game, guys! I love to design, bake and decorate. My son is eight now (EIGHT! Oh my goodness) and still reminds me we have to put out cookies for Santa. This year I thought we'd make a little card for Santa to go with the treat, and why not make it personal? I hope you guys enjoy this freebie, and I'll see you back here soon for more fun designs : ) Thanks for visiting! Download: CookiesForSanta.zip

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Christmas Deer Banner

It is so cute. Ok ok. I searched high and low for reflective gold cardstock. After weeks of looking I was able to find packs at Michaels that had some gold sheets in them- 5 or so in a variety pack. I asked multiple employees if there were any packs that were ONLY gold paper, but they just shrugged. Some day I'll find it, but until then I'm making do with what I have. I envisioned this for Christmas décor, but since it's not overly Christmas (though you could make it so), I made it early and it will be pulling double-duty through Thanksgiving. The pictures don't do it justice, guys. And you can of course make it with whatever colors you like. Make some flags with...

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The Red Pumpkin Wagon

A sort of part two to The Red Pumpkin Truck (if you're new to SCF, it's still available, all of our files stick around!), I bring you The Red Pumpkin Wagon! I love pumpkin patches, they're so serene and idyllic. Was that repetitive and redundant? That's ok. We can do a thing twice <3 I hope you guys like this file. Happy Silhouetting, and remember, if you need commercial licenses for my designs, they're available at EchoiaDesign on Etsy! Download: RedPumpkinWagon.zip

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Christmas Tree Slide Togethers

Ok, ok, ok, hear me out, guys. I know it's not Christmas yet. I even know Thanksgiving is on its way- Thanksgiving is great! I loved it more than Christmas as a kid because there was no pressure or stress to validate people in their gifting choices, instead everyone was together to eat, play games and relax. I loved it. And though these are called 'Christmas Tree Slide Togethers', I use small, basic trees all around my house to decorate for Thanksgiving <3 I love these because they're made of cardstock, they're easy-peasy and they look so stinkin' cute. And yes, they're up in my work space alongside several new Christmas-oriented cut files <3 But I have to be ready way in advance in order...

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So Much Yum, One Little Mug

We're having a great Autumn season here (Salt Lake City, Utah) so far. It's usually just cool enough, with just enough sun and not too heavy of a breeze. I can wear skirts with leggings, tees with hoodies and add scarves if and when I want as accessories. It's not yet so bitterly cold that I have to position them just right to keep the death out ; ) So! I cuddle up with the windows open, under my electric blanket, and draw up my favorite seasonal treats. And then I share them with you! This free .studio3 download is for personal use only. If you need commercial licenses, or different file types, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy : ) Download: SoMuchYumOneLittleMug.zip

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Under a Caramel Spell

This design was inspired by a drawing challenge I put on myself. Draw a new food every day, and stick to a simple palette. The palette lends itself well to all sorts of fruit-for-dessert ideas, and it's Autumn, so candy apple spells we have ; ) This free .studio3 file is for personal use, if you need commercial licenses or other file types, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy! Download: CaramelSpell.zip

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Hello Summer Popsicles

Welcome back! Are we getting back in the swing of things? So smoothly? So soon!? I can hardly believe it! I gave a bit of a life update in Sunday’s post “Hello Summer Design Tutorial” and told ya’ll I’d be back soon with a free version of the cute cuttable we made together in that […]

Hello Summer Design Tutorial

Hey, guys! If you read how things were going back in February, you know I was getting clobbered- my car fell apart, my son got very sick, I got sick, money was stolen- then it all started over again! We replaced our car, but that one had a bit of an accident (I was not driving!), […]

Little Ray of Sunshine

This isn’t me. Not today. Not right now. Recently I chronicled for you the misfortune which has been my normal. Rounds of flu. Car trouble. Bank thieves. Maybe I didn’t mention the last one. But it’s out there. And just as I was sure everything would turn up roses I was clobbered with a multi-day […]

I Like to Heat Things Up

Hello, Everyone! Your friendly freezing freebie-maker is back with another new cuttable. Like many others across the country, we are getting hit with rounds of snow storms. The Keurig is running, cups are steaming, the kitten is cuddling. It isn’t as cold as it was at Christmas, but it sure looks a lot more wintery! This […]

Heart Inset Valentine Boxes

Hello, creator friends! If you’re a frequent flyer you may know that I say hi to you, give you a little insight as to my creative process, tell you about the inspiration behind my designs, and then we get on to downloading things. On occasion, however, I share a little more with you all about […]

Spring it On

Hey, Silhouette friends! I’m feeling fresh and bright and blossomy lately. I probably shouldn’t be- my house is full of germs and it is snowing heavily outside. I’ve been infected with some of the germs and don’t feel great, but despite the chill (and the chills), I know that beautiful, fresh everything is on its way soon. […]

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